Sunday, December 1, 2013


Several logistical fails on this one: I shouldn't have made the commitment for a Sunday evening when I could have predicted I would have many letters of recommendation still to write; and once I was there, I should have thought more about the necessity for post-ride refueling, as instead I trekked the hour-plus home on the subway feeling increasingly sick/shaky with caloric deficit! An egg salad sandwich has now remedied the latter, though, and as for the former, really it was very good to have such a good exercise session.

(Met up with Liz at what I can only describe, trying to keep a straight face, as Park Slope's boutique cycling studio! That teacher is very good - we did a lot of technique work that is very much along the lines I've been thinking about recently.)

It was a pretty reasonable week for exercise, all told (just under 8hr total). I have a daunting amount of work to deal with between now and the end of the day tomorrow, but after this week, I have more time to myself, and am looking forward to doing a LOT of yoga in December.

1.5hr spin

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