Monday, April 6, 2015


That is so fun - my favorite day of the lifting week for sure, though I love 'em all. I am really getting strong: my first work set was lighter because we were working for speed, but the last thing I did was "rack pulls" (i.e. bar isn't all the way on the ground, just on the low rails of the squat rack) including one set at 6 x 226. Woo-hoo! I have my eye on 3 - Coach Josh is an optimist and says I will be competitive if I can lift that plus current bench trajectory (there is still more room for improvement on the squat, technique is a limiter and I am not going consistently low enough).

Lovely hour of lower-body workout plus rows (last two sets at 42.5lb). Nice to be doing a sport where I am working so solidly with my body type rather than against it (that said, must drop pounds - the only powerlifting women who legitimately weigh the number that I do now are Amazonian giants with swimmers' shoulders, that is not my build!)...

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