Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hot hot yoga

As if to compensate for yesterday, hot yoga today was GRUESOMELY hot - the teacher left the heater on even for the second half of class which is not the usual thing here at all, and many of us were basically just flopped on mats! I had to lie down for both sets of the last two standing postures, that's fairly extreme - every time I stood back up to try again I felt extremely lightheaded!

(Factors: (a) just hotter than usual; (b) 1.25hr class rather than 1hr; (c) walked over in a hurry especially once I realized that rather than being fifteen minutes early I had spaced out and forgotten class starts at 10:30 rather than 10:45, I made it only in the nick of time!; (d) already did 2hr exercise.)

Anyway I still felt pretty good - my forearms weren't overheated in the way they feel when it's really really too hot, I think my HR was just jacked up right away due to earlier exercise. Making a note, though, to avoid the 1.25hr classes when possible and also not to think it's a good idea to do strength training earlier in the day and then hot yoga later!

1.25hr hot yoga

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