Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Upper body/spin!

Hmmmmm, conditions here are mighty propitious for a good SPA WEEK....

Was a little later getting to the gym than I intended, so had to split the strength workout into two and finish the second bit after spin, but that's fine I think.

1hr spin
.75hr upper body as follows (Josh has given me two upper days this week and only one lower due to high other workload and also the general mess my knee/leg has been in):

(1) 5 x 6 x 85 bench
(2) 4 x 10 lat pulldown
(3) circuit x 4 on 1:00 rest: (a) incline dumbbell bench 8 @ 20 (b) single-arm row 10 @ 25
(4) front raise 4 x 10 @ 8
(5) rope triceps pushdown 5 x 10

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