Thursday, December 14, 2017


I think December is really tough for everybody, I am not doing particularly well with it at any rate this year!

Took a stupid zero on Monday (busy day with dentist appointment in the morning, didn't eat lunch, post-lecture could only collapse with a sandwich and it was dark by time digestive interval had occurred, no vim to get out). Tuesday was good, just 40 as 2:1 (shorter than written) but very nice. Wednesday run window was in the morning, I was up due to insomnia but temps were low 20s, no good for asthmatic lungs. Today fortunately I was working at home so I could basically just keep an eye on and wait for it to creep up near freezing. Snow/slippery in spots but gorgeous bright day, rather chilly (just below freezing I guess), even more of a shuffle than usual due to mildly treacherous footing but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

70 minutes as 2:1

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