Monday, December 25, 2017

Xmas jog!

I add the exclamation point grudgingly, I am not really in the mood, but it was awfully good to be in the park again (the fitness center at the airport hotel in Ottawa is a windowless box with thermostat set at - I am not kidding - 30C!). It's so windy that it's almost scary! But I like that holiday feel - hardly anybody out, but a park worker stopped his truck and rolled down the window to wish me a merry Christmas. Babying my lungs as they are tender from cold and I am eager not to pick up the respiratory infection that had afflicted Brent by Friday, was sorry not to do anything epic but it wouldn't have been smart! Heading to NJ for Xmas feast at my brother's - especially looking forward to sitting with their little pug Gracy on my lap as the worst thing about getting home yesterday was of course NO CATS!

40 as 2:1

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