Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday short run

Just 30 as 2:1, I was game for longer but the footing in the park was very treacherous, and I decided it wasn't sensible.

ASHAMED at having missed three days in a row - Thursday I had time but not a ton of time and woke up to another credit card fraud and a minor emergency concerning book sales at my event next week; Friday I just underestimated the toll that getting the cats to Philadelphia would take, sometimes it really is feasible to do an afternoon run after getting there at lunchtime but this time it was not, especially given that I'd forgotten to bring the dry food and we needed to go out for it in the car; Saturday I got home from Philadelphia around lunchtime, sidewalks VERY slippery due to snow but also returned to find slew of messages about ongoing eldercare crisis in Ottawa (new chapter). Not surprisingly I went back to bed and slept for the whole afternoon!

The whole rest of this month is going to be tough, too many commitments to others and not enough time for myself, but once I am in Paris, everything should get much much better. This year has been so hard - Gene's decline, and the Trump presidency, #metoo and its specific fallout for my sense of my obligations to my department's graduate students, Brent's mother's health issues, too many airports - the fundamentals remain sound, I am leading an absurdly fortunate life, but it has really been a tough stretch!

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