Monday, December 18, 2017

Ongoing tough times!

Worst exercise month in living memory. Friday and Saturday I had to take zeroes due to cold temperatures in realistic run windows. Sunday I am happy to say I DID get out albeit only for 30 as 2:1 before heading to Philadelphia for the day (nice but very taxing, took all my willpower as I got back in to Penn Station around 6 not to come straight home but I had to go to Amy's holiday party! Which was really nice, I caught up with some dear friends - but if it hadn't been en route home I am not sure I could have done it...). Almost talked myself out of this morning (got up later than I meant, complicated day of mock-interviews and long grading meeting and various other meetings), but saw David's inspired easy workout of 20 as 1:1 and thought - hahahaha, I am PITIFUL if I can't do that! And I did, and it was lovely, I am sweaty and a lot happier than I was half an hour ago, must now get in the shower and scamper to campus or I am late for first interview....

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