Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday run!

30 as 1:1, nice and easy for a teaching day. Gotta now get my notes typed up and assignments commented on before class!

NB not very impressed with my low yoga attendance these past two weeks (only two classes each week - I couldn't get myself back out the door yesterday evening), but daily run and good nutrition are the two important things, so I will endeavor not to be too self-critical about it! Will see if I can manage more like 3 or even 4 this week - I think it's possible. It's hard for me to go back out after dark especially if I ran properly in the morning - what really would work best would be if I could run a little earlier and then get to either 1pm or 5pm class. I prob just need to bite the bullet and go to whatever class is in the right time slot, even I think it is going to be too hard and/or too hot!

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