Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday long-ish run-ish, Sunday local jog

Must have forgot to write this up yesterday, but the report is in my training log: It was a real slog - these couple days of yoga have taken all the spring out of my legs while I get adjusted to new training stress, even from the start I was shuffling, and lungs are definitely not at 100% either. I did first 45 as 2:1 then switched to 1:1 for the remaining 45, including some stern words to myself re: keeping on for the last 20 minutes! (i.e. "It's 1:1, it's only SLIGHTLY harder than walking, you could walk forever, and the jog pacce at this point is a shuffle - you can totally do this without undue physical or psychological strain!") The Jardin du Luxembourg is gorgeous and definitely one of my good options for long runs, I went there and back on the metro.....

And today, a morning of sun! I had a terrible night of sleep, next-door neighbors were having a dance party that literally went on till after six in the morning, I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30 but it was still pretty loud and I was only lightly sleeping! No biggie however (they had put up a note in the elevator, it was a 25th birthday party, hopefully they won't have anything like that any time soon!). Walked over to Parc Montsouris and had a lovely sunny jog of 40 minutes as 1:1 (including most of the way home). Many joggers, many young children weaving on scooters and bicycles!

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