Thursday, June 7, 2018

Back at it

Got home from Ottawa yesterday (major endurance was required to get through that stint, but no actual exercise!), PT yesterday afternoon, back on normal exercise schedule from today forward (though it has yet to be determined exactly what that schedule will be). Got new cycling shoes last night and am powerfully hoping they will solve the foot pain issue. (Once you've ridden clipped in, it's hard to think of going back to sneakers, even with the cages on the spin bikes.)

For the record, here's the updated PT regimen.

On all fours:

Cat-cow (emphasizing cat, neutral spine for cow)
Prayer stretch both sides
Quadruped leg only (5-second hold, each side x 5)

On back:

Hamstring stretch (knee at 90 degrees, extend leg)
Piriformis stretch
Hip flexors/heel slide (hands on hips to monitor)
Wind-removing pose (R, L, together)

On side:

Side plank (knees, 5-second hold, 3L, 5R)

On knees:

Hip flexor stretch: arms in salutation


Roll down over legs and hold at bottom

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