Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday catch-up

Thursday: restorative yoga (great, need to find more places to do it), spin (stopped after 30 mins due to painful sciatica). Need to adjust left cleat but otherwise shoes are much better.

Friday: a wash. Got three important things done, so I will still count it a win, but didn't even do PT exercises, I was too tuckered out by the end of the day. Need to organize morning priorities better.

Saturday: 30 as 1:1! First time I've tried it since doctor visit 2.5 weeks ago (not deliberately so long, but I figured since Ottawa is impossible anyway it made sense to have a couple weeks totally off from jogging to let any peripheral inflammation die down). A twinge of sciatica originating in glute and feelable down the leg, but not nearly as sharp as while spinning the other day. Towards end I can start feeling some tightness in my back (I did the PT exercises pre-run to stretch everything out). I really don't think it's contraindicated - I am going to suggest doing 30 as 1:1 3 times per week. Still working out some kind of regular exercise schedule, I don't like leaving it to be ad hoc, it goes better when it's locked in....

Still - 30 as 1:1!

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