Saturday, June 23, 2018


Friday: long walk with friend and colleague L., PT exercises.

Saturday: PT exercises, 30 as 1:1. Not great, not bad (really I'm just in low spirits); trouble area was tight rather than sore as such, spot in left knee very sore for some reason. It is such a first-world problem that I am ashamed I even let it affect my mood, but I had a disappointment this morning with the couch delivery - the armchair is in, but the couch was too big to fit in the elevator and it had to go back into the truck! Was very tempted to go back to bed afterwards and weep, but really that doesn't do any good - and I think there is an easy solution, there is a loveseat sized version of the same couch (WHICH I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED IN THE FIRST PLACE, I AM AN IDIOT, I HATE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ADULT LIFE IN THE WORLD) and I can get them to send me that instead. The question now of course is whether (I think probably not) it can be delivered in time for me hosting an open house brunch (closing event of the Gene Kilik memorial celebration weekend) for a relatively large number of people a week from tomorrow....

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