Tuesday, October 1, 2019


A very good one, after a rocky start: I was grumpy going in, after having spent too much attention wrestling with my virtually unusable purchasing card as I try and sort out expenses for upcoming conference. Then I dropped my pool locker key into the water, I was in a middle lane next to the diving well, it's something like 10 feet down, ears were popping for sure as I bobbed back up to the surface! Just not feeling the love, and annoyed with myself for letting admin tasks take up the pre-gym hour - but then I got into it and it was really good.

As I was finishing my warmup, L. came to give me some stroke coaching - goal of getting both arms recovering with high elbow and smooth efficient movement with hand back vertically into the water. "Wave" drill and some thumbs-and-salute, it really made a difference, I was happy!

Warmup: 600 as 200 kick with board (other lady in lane already kicking on back, collision avoidance means no back work for me, yes that was also mildly grumpifying), 200 pull, 200 as 2 x 100 RaLaCuBa. Then about 400 very productive drill work: 200 working with the wave, somewhat imperfectly (I overthink the front end - what is a wave anyway? Why is my right-hand wave totally different from my left? - and forget to keep kicking), then about 200 as 4 x 50 thumbs-and-salute down, swim back. After that: 300 as 4 x 75 kick-drill-swim by 25, first two back and second two fly, then 100 IM concentrating on technique. Call it 1400.

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