Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brooklyn half-marathon date changed

Just in case you are planning on running it and didn't hear already--from Sat. April 26 to Sat. May 3. Here is more information at the NYRR site.

I think I should still run it--it's now only two weeks before the Florida 70.3, but I think it should be OK. (I ran the Bronx half two weeks after the Manhattan one this winter, and with more enjoyment and with a better time the second time round.) The day itself is somewhat better for me, since on Friday the 25th (day before original race day) I have a long day of work commitments, including a dinner, that were potentially going to impair performance. But I will have to be extra scrupulous on all other aspects of the taper (some training-schedule rearrangement will be in order)... and I must make sure not to get overly tired out at the end of the semester.

I will do it as a final long training run if I am not feeling up to the mark? But it is hard to decide this about races, one gets caught up in the goal of knocking some time off one's NYRR PR...


Becca said...

My friend M has run several marathons in pairs--I think Boston and six weeks later Burlington, and then Napa and six weeks later Big Sur? Each time, she had a terrible first run and fabulous second. (Somewhat tangential, but mildly interesting...)

Anonymous said...

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