Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday run

And it was a particularly enjoyable one, too. J. is a great running partner for me, we must keep on doing this. Times a bit faster than mile splits suggest, as I didn't stop my watch while stopped for traffic--I will shamelessly do that while running alone, but I feel it's a bit pedantic when I'm with someone else! The park loop, plus over and back.

6.62 miles, avg pace 10:10, avg HR 157, max HR 173

10:37, 10:07, 10:10, 9:36, 10:23, 9:50 and change

I felt like I could have gone forever--we had some nice harder bits and then some parts where we eased off, it was fun.

I am having a problem, though--I can't relax! I really need some rest and recovery time this week, but the symptom of overwork is that I feel both incapable of getting anything done and also still hyper-vigilant and stressed out! Hmmm, I will have to hope that another couple days of spring break will actually have some effect on me...

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Wendy said...

Maybe you need a massage??

(Glad it was a good run.)