Friday, March 7, 2008

Short and sluggish Friday-morning run

Hmmm, I am annoyed with myself...

The trouble with a 3.5-mile run is that it really does sometimes take that long just to get properly warmed up. The last half-mile or so, I was feeling much more myself, but the first three were full of mental self-reproach.

1. Legs noticeably sore from that deceptively short bike workout yesterday! Those short sprint intervals really affected my muscles, my legs just didn't have it in 'em to do anything very energetic.

2. Mismanaged morning arrangements. I didn't get up as early as I imagined; neither did I head out for my run right away, although I meant to. Result: heading out at 10:30 on nothing but a mug of tea and a cup of juice is not sensible. I felt under-caffeinated and under-fueled (especially under-caffeinated!)--it is not surprising I was so sluggish.

Anyway, tired legs meant I did it as a seriously low-HR run, which is probably all for the best. I need to think through my training priorities and figure out what I can realistically expect for paces etc. for spring racing--I think the real mental challenge is that I cannot do everything, and it may be that the triathlon priorities preclude me making my more ambitious time goals for the Brooklyn half-marathon at the end of April.

The truth of the matter is that though I have been sleeping as much as possible for the last week, I am still in need of some serious further rest and recovery! This morning I have been feeling like probably what would suit me best would be medically induced coma for three weeks with no interruptions!

3.5 miles, avg HR 136, avg pace 11:01

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Wendy said...

What does it say when I think to myself, "Ooh! A medically induced coma sounds good!!"?

However, seriously, you're right. More rest and recuperation is still required at your end. Those URI's can take a great deal out of you by themselves, and when you stack crazy work related activities on top of them it's twice the whammy!