Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Grind it out"

I must confess that several times now I have popped the Spinervals 9.0 - Have Mercy DVD (2 hrs.) into the player and then hastily popped it back out again when I looked at the list of things it included. But tonight was the night...

+ : I did stay on for the whole thing!

- : I really had that bad feeling that I was doing something too advanced! Mentally too advanced rather than physically--there are one or two things I can't quite do yet (like ride standing in a pretty easy gear--it's fine in a hard gear, because I feel stable and strong--but in an easy one it gets all rackety and unbalanced and I just sit back down out of mild nervousness), but it's definitely more the sense that you have in, say, a yoga class where they are moving too quickly through unexpected things. Not perhaps very enjoyable!

I seem to remember that the first time I did the 9.0 one (which I now love--it feels like home when they have segments of it in this one!) I also was just mentally struggling to keep up. This one will get better if I do it again, I expect--but I should also consider it an incentive to get outside. The way it's pasted up from different bits makes it a little harder to concentrate on also.

ARGHHHH! Bike stuff must be highest priority for the rest of March for sure. Whatever it takes!

120 minutes bike/trainer


Wendy said...

Kudos for stickin' to the DVD and getting a good trainer ride in!

Brent Buckner said...

Good work!