Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday run

Lungs still very gummed up, some mild GI distress (antibiotics?) and I could feel my hip muscles rather tight by the end of it--but the runners amongst you will be laughing as I say, fervently, it was utterly lovely!

(It is irrational, really I know I could not have lost all my running fitness in a little over two weeks, but the fact is I do not have very much experience with these things so as to know; I last ran on Feb. 14 and then had a week of insane work and a week of this awful chest cold/lung ailment plus business travel, and really it was slightly preying on me even before I got sick that it might be I would no longer be able to run at all!)

5.1 miles, 10:43 average pace, average HR 146.

(Pulled back whenever I came up on 150, want to keep the stress on the body low till I am one step--several steps?--more fully recovered.)