Monday, March 10, 2008


It will not have escaped the attentive reader that I have had a complete failure of will in the last few days vis-a-vis running! It is inexplicable to me, usually I am on the impervious-to-cold end of the subjective temperature spectrum, but it seems like since Saturday I've just been more or less continuously freezing as well as exhausted, and mysteriously unable to face the notion of running outside, despite sun!

I diagnose winter fatigue and continued pre-spring-break stress--but I must get up early tomorrow morning and run, this has been a training disaster, I will hope this post gives me better accountability...


Wendy said...

Fatigue, stress, and possibly the remnants of that Evil Virus, too!

Hope today's better running weather.

Dorothy W. said...

I've got winter fatigue going on too -- riding in the 20s in January was fine; not it's not. Hope you feel better today.