Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday bike-swim

Truncated but nevertheless triaspirational.

I meant to do a real bike ride outside, only I forgot how I tend to procrastinate on that and my afternoon ran away with me, so I only had time for the shortest sprint spinervals workout on the trainer. (That's a good workout, though!)

Then I went to swim, I had to leave fifteen minutes early anyway in order to get downtown for a play, but I ended up not doing a proper swim workout at all, for the very good reason that Coach Henning noticed during my warmup that I was making an effortful and hapless attempt at doing flip turns and came over and gave me a very helpful twenty-minute coaching session instead. They are still awful, but I will continue to work on them, if I am just persistent and ignore the horribleness of doing them it will be some weeks from now and I will be able to do them much more successfully, I think! I do understand the basic principles much more clearly now, and I had a few that were--well, I will not say respectable, that would be a serious overstatement, but beginning to approach the definition of a flip turn in most of the essential particulars.


27:00 Spinervals sprint workout

37:30 minutes swimming (practicing flip turns is VERY TIRING, I might add!): 300 free warmup, a lot of flipping and treading water while nodding head enthusiastically and zooming off the wall at wayward angles, then 200 free, 3 x 50 stroke in IM order on 1:10, 200 free, and then I hopped out and made my way downtown for a very pleasant evening with an adopted family member who is particularly dear to me, was in hospital for weeks in January after heart surgery (the culmination of some months of bad heart-related stuff) and who is now happily recovered enough to be back on the theatre-and-dinner circuit. The play wasn't good, and he's still not feeling great, but it is delightful to me that we can even do such a thing! And we had a pleasingly good dinner at Five Points afterwards (emergency Clif bar having been called upon for sustenance in the meantime)--I had grilled sardines, roast chicken and a most delicious combination of ice creams and sorbets (I think they are from here--tangerine sorbet, vanilla and salted caramel gelati, very tasty...).


Wendy said...

Truncated is much better than not at all!

How nice that you and Coach Henning had some quality flip turn time! (Breathing and core.)

Too bad the play was substandard, but sounds like the dinner made up for it.

Spokane Al said...

I am glad to hear that you are making great progress on your flip turns.

I am also one who seems to understand the basic principles of swimming technique. My challenge is in closing the gap between understanding and implimentation.