Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well, I was sick for a whole week, which made me grumpy and despondent - on the bright side, not being able to exercise gave me plenty of time to do the vast amount of work that accrues at this time of year. Today's the first day when my energy levels seemed at all returned to normal (and I have also cleared a dissertation defense, some dissertation chapter conferences, huge piles of fellowship applications, etc. etc.), so though I am still dealing with residual phlegm and don't feel quite right, I had an excellent Skype session with Lauren in the late afternoon. A great relief to break a proper sweat rather than the sweat of teaching while feeling rather ill in a classroom with steam heat! Meeting Mark for a run tomorrow morning at 10:15 - it is going to be pure bliss to get back out there...

(Re: number in post title, I think I'm undertaking a "21 cycle workouts in 21 days" challenge from now to Xmas - it counts if I just do 30 minutes easy on the spin bike - I have been really neglecting spinning during the month-plus of Chelsea Piers being closed, and I am doing the swim and bike legs of a full half-ironman in the second half of January, so I need to get the bike time in.)

:55 (4 x 8min work, 2min rest, with work interval alternating 3min seated, 1min standing) (zone 3-4)

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