Saturday, December 22, 2012

Long run!

Wonderfully wintry blustery arduous long run through Liz, with interesting urban landscapes - we ran around the outside of Prospect Park, then over to and around Greenwood Cemetery, going through neighborhoods in Brooklyn I don't usually see (Kensington, Sunset Park), and then back into Prospect Park for the final bit. Brutal winds slowed us down (I forgot my Garmin at home, but Liz measures distance at 10.07mi), and there were even flurries of snow at a few points. I love winter running! And now for a hot shower - long ride home on subway in sweaty clothes is chilliness-inducing, even with extra layers (left coat and bag at Liz's apt. for the duration of the run).

1:50, 10.07mi (10:55/mi.), felt like comfortable zone 2

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Black Knight said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and family.