Saturday, December 15, 2012


I didn't get home till shortly before 1am, and it was 2 before I could really go to sleep, so it was definitely the right call not to race this morning. I got six hours of fairly decent sleep (certainly better than I've had all this week), felt OK when I got up and had a LOVELY run down to Chelsea Piers and a LOVELY spin with Joanna. She is not teaching next Saturday, so it really was just as well I went today. And restorative yoga is addictively enjoyable (really it is a form of meditation rather than exercise). Then headed to Brooklyn to see a play with a friend who's had a complicated year, only got home about half an hour ago and am hoping to sleep long and hard tonight. Tomorrow I may run with Liz and will definitely go to an evening meditation class I registered for a long time ago, but I need to get up early and motor through some of this end-of-semester work that has been displaced by jury duty...

:50 run
:50 spin
1:00 restorative yoga

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