Thursday, December 13, 2012


I had opera tickets for this evening, but really it was not to my taste and we left at the first intermission. Spent the first act pondering and shuffling around options for next couple days. Regretfully conclude that I will not do the 10-mile race Saturday after all. Jury duty means I am thwarted of tomorrow's spin class, and due to a minor schedule mix-up, I am committed to theater and late dinner tomorrow night (it was originally going to be Saturday) - won't be home till after midnight. Instead of racing (which would mean getting up at 6:30), I will instead get up at 8:15 or 8:30, run down to Chelsea Piers and go to 10am spin and 11am restorative yoga. This was a very soothing morning schedule for me last weekend and it will be better for the morale than going and trying to run in a huge horrible crowd of people (the friend who was also registered for the race isn't going to be able to run after all either) - I can run longish sometime over the following couple days, and it will be more relaxing and enjoyable that way.

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