Monday, July 11, 2016


I am completely wiped out - that was a tiring weekend (my own fault for sociable drinking in the evenings that then seriously impaired sleep quality!). Was home by lunchtime, so tired late afternoon that I almost didn't get out the door for powerlifting (but I don't think I've ever missed powerlifting just out of inertia, sometimes I have a conflict and sometimes I'm sick but really it's my favorite thing, would be utterly self-defeating not to go!). Cabbed it down and had what was then a very good workout, tho with some modifications to weight. Was set to run at least part of the way home but I set out walking and just couldn't motivate to speed up, that's OK, I'm going to count it as a run just for once.

Deadlift: 3 x 10 @ 161 (had 200 on the board, tried 181 but though it was going up OK I could tell I JUST DIDN'T HAVE IT IN ME - still a good set)
Tempo deadlift: 3 x 3 @ 111 (5 seconds up and down)
100 single-arm row each side (did 10 with 42.5 and 20 with 37.5 but really that was still heavier than Josh meant and I switched down to 27.5 for the rest)
100 abs
4 x 10 goblet squats @ 17.5

1hr lower body
1.5hr walk (5.2mi)

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