Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This lift has been a thorn in my side - I think at one point last year I had a rather dodgy 1-rep max of 185 but really it was so unreliable and wonky that we retested and left it at a more genuinely controllable 135. Josh and I have been working on it very patiently, and have made some minor tweaks in recent weeks plus one big one - raised heels! Currently with a minor hack, but I am awaiting an order of shoes that I am hoping will let me get rid of the mats. Anyway, a very good workout this morning.

4 x 3 @ 85
singles up to 135 (video below)
3 x 15 @ 2 18lb kettlebells (held)
band curls: 4 x 25

The thing we will work on next: having the bar stay really over the forefoot....

1hr bike
1hr lower body

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