Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excellent Sunday run

Liz and I met up at 10 for what we knew would be a pretty slow Central Park loop (6 miles) - neither of us has been running much (I've been overscheduled with other stuff, but also the weather has been fairly dreadful, even by my "pro-winter" standards), but we are set on having a weekly date for a long run.

We actually didn't do too badly, pace-wise, though effort levels felt more like what you want for a 50-minute effort than for a longer one - we'll go a bit slower next week and try for 8, perhaps.

It is the most beautiful day today, absolutely perfect running weather - 40+ degrees, sunny, the road in the park is quite clear!

Early adopters will be laughing, I definitely haven't come to any of this in a very timely manner, but I also had a fantastic eye-opening experience with my new phone - I have held out against getting one for a while now, but as a longtime Verizon customer barraged with iPhone invitations, I figured it would be a good idea to make the upgrade to a Droid phone before the store was deluged with iPhone customers. I got a Motorola Droid 2 Global; it seemed like a good deal, I paid about $150 for it and my monthly charge for phone plus data is the same as what I've been paying for phone alone (I had a 900-minute plan but rarely used more than about 250 or 300, so have downgraded to a 450-minute plan, which I am pretty sure will really be enough).

Two previous technological innovations have already hugely improved my life: I got a Kindle in September, and I love it; and I was delighted to find, when I moved back to New York in early January, that they have introduced at my local stations and indeed very widely through the subway system the signs that tell you when the next trains will arrive. This makes subway travel hugely less stressful for me; I am an anxious person who is always worried about being late, and the combination of knowing when the train will arrive plus having a guaranteed supply of good reading material is already hugely beneficial.

But the Kindle for Droid app is the finishing touch - I can fit it in my pocket, i.e. when meeting a friend for a run, and still be able to read on the train - and it synchronizes to the spot you're at in that book on the Kindle! Truly the wonders of the modern world are amazing....

6.02mi., 1:01:36, avg. pace 10:13, avg HR 149, max HR 166 (too much time in zone 3, but then it is a pretty hilly route; we walked up Harlem Hill and one other, as a mental rather than strictly physical form of relief, but I think HR will always be a bit high if one hasn't been running on hills at all and then does a longer run of this sort)


Becca said...

Why did you buy the Droid instead of the iPhone? I continue to be ridiculously paralyzed by the decision, though younger child has already decided I am getting an iPhone so she can play games.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Even when I walk, my heart rate will stay above Zone 2 on the hills - so I have just given up and run very slowly. Once I start walking, I mentally quit~