Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday BEAST

Well, I didn't do the three BEAST classes this week that were exactly what I meant to (i.e. MWF7-8am), but I did do three total in the end (T6-7, M7-8 and S9-10), so that isn't bad. Lauren came today as a visitor, it was interesting to hear her thoughts! I had a slight but painful sore throat late last night and this morning, but boot camp seems to have dispelled it; nose slightly runnier than usual, I guess I do have some minor virus, but I am going to ignore it...

1hr. strength


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Nothing like the Beast to expel that cold!

Black Knight said...

Sorry for the cold, I hope you feel better soon.
Every year I got the cold and the flu, this is the second year I don't have problems. I changed my alimentation, more vegetables, lemon everywhere and many orange/bilberry juices.
Have a good sunday.