Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beautiful short run!

Woo-hoo!  First day effectively 'off' for what seems like an incredibly long time: I have an appointment with an allergist at 5pm, and certainly a few bits and bobs of work to do for tomorrow, but my whole day is my own, and I won't dig back in on my novel revisions until Saturday. 

I didn't run longer because I got up late and then left it rather late in the morning without having eaten any breakfast; I'm aiming to get to Chelsea Piers this evening for the first time in ages, and will run for an hour first thing in the morning tomorrow.  Hmmm, must get back on my calf stretching regimen, which I am afraid I abandoned when I got sick last week. . . . 

But it's most beautiful running weather, actually mid-60s (almost too warm in the sun!), and I was very glad to be out there.

30min run (c. 3 miles)

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