Friday, March 30, 2012


OK, that was good.  I am still too busy with school-related work to do 'real' work, but winding down and trying to resettle myself a bit was valuable.  NB when one hasn't done any yoga for a month, the first thirty minutes of a ninety-minute class seem to take forever!  It's a mental question rather than a question of muscular endurance...

I'm running a trail 10K tomorrow in Staten Island with a friend who's doing his first marathon in May: it should be fun.

1.5hr yoga


Black Knight said...

I think that just now you are running the last meters of the race. I am sure you are doing a very good job.

Spokane Al said...

Jenny, here is a new book that may be worth adding to each of our reading lists - Seeing the Light: Inside the Velvet Underground by Rob Jovanovic.