Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short run

Week has ended with a fizzle, not with a bang; slept terribly and inadequately last night, have felt rather poorly all day out and about, did get out just now for a short run but turned around at the 15-min. mark (and it was just as well, as shortly thereafter I started experiencing mild stomach distress - the bathroom I tried was locked, so I jogged home at very easy pace so as not to trigger further upset).  Beautiful weather - that was a bit of a waste!

Spring break this week: I have to make some serious headway with novel revisions, but I'm also hoping I might finally be able to remember how to sleep properly!  Trainer Mark is in Paris for two weeks recording his new kompa album, so I am going to go Mon.-Wed. to Beast coach Gerald's 11am small-group training at Chelsea Piers.  Hoping to have three very solid days of steady exercise: warm up with 15 mins. easy run beforehand, then 1hr boot camp 11-12, down a few calories then get on a bike to stay warm and spin for real in class 12:30-1:15.  It would not make sense to do this every day indefinitely, but it will let me log some reasonable hours...

.5hr easy run (better than nothing!)

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