Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Perfect hot yoga!

It is the same hot hatha 90 as yesterday, only a different teacher (and different conditions for my body too - yesterday was 11am on an empty stomach, today was 5pm after sensible breakfast and lunch) who does not take such a punitive attitude towards heat! It was perfect! Very glad I went back today, it's usually a mistake not to go back soon after a horrible class (it's the get back on the horse principle). I will run 75 mins in the morning tomorrow, stop by the office just for an hour or two and then need to leave for the airport (undecided as to whether from home or office, various factors intrude including the very very slow wash cycle in European machines! intend to run 3 times in Barcelona and need at least 2 full clean sets of run clothes I think, even if it means packing them when they are still quite damp!). Don't see how I can really fit in yoga without overdoing it and also creating laundry problems...

1.5hr hot hatha at exactly the right warm temperature!

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