Saturday, April 6, 2019


Nice morning run of 90 minutes, 20 warmup as 1:1 jog-walk then 4:1 subsequently. Lazy afternoon (in retrospect I wish I had hewed to my original plan and gone to the office to work on my Pamela piece), and I made the mistake of not checking the online schedule before going to 7pm yoga. Didn't realize till the teacher told us to sit at the front of our mats that it wasn't the usual "Bikram en 60 minutes" with a substitute teacher but rather a whole different class, hot power! It actually wasn't bad, I am strong and in good yoga shape, we didn't move too quickly, but I am really not supple enough to be making transitions directly from warrior 2 into chatturanga, and my knees were throbbing by the end of the standing sequence. Glad it was only an hour!

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