Saturday, January 11, 2020

Took Friday off, can't go to hot yoga when I'm strewing so many germs, afternoon massage canceled for reasons beyond my control (we have reschedule for next week, that's better). It was just as well because I needed those afternoon hours to FINISH MY BOOK!

Saturday: 90 with 30 as 1:1, 30 as 4:1, 30 as 1:1. Lungs waterlogged, too much postnasal drip, but certainly still net enjoyable rather than not. Going to Heidi's thoracic and lumbar spine workshop later, very excited, what a treat!

AND just got the email confirming our spots in the Bosphorus swim (I had initially thought we were in already, then realized the ballot hadn't been done yet, it was a little confusing). Will have to scurry to sort out various paperwork, but I'm really excited!

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