Thursday, January 30, 2020

Monday-Thursday catch-up

I have actually been doing my regular thing, just not logging it here! So -

Sunday: beautiful 40 as 1:1 on a sunny day in the park, lungs still not great
Monday: non-run day and no wherewithal to do anything else, needed every scrap of energy for my long morning meeting and my pm seminar
Tuesday: 60 as 1:1, starting to feel better
Wednesday: 40 as 1:1, definitely getting better, resisted temptation to do more than coach had suggested!
Thursday: just a short swim, but I got my Bosphorus swim paperwork done by the coach and have medical certification appointment later today, so that counts as a Something....

It was very crowded, we are all grumpy and planning to write letters to the director of athletics, and yes I was circle-swimming for part of the time, but it felt pretty good!

200 swim
200 kick with board
200 freestyle drill as Ra-La-Cu-Ba down stroke back
100 fly drill (Ra-La-fly-free)

Had a noon meeting so that was it for me anyway, I relieved lane congestion by getting out and getting on with things....

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