Thursday, June 26, 2008

Internet time-wasting

I've been looking for pictures of Cayman land crabs--I have not found the kind of link I was hoping for (I must consult a reference work at the bookstore, I think!), with pictures and names of different species, but this link has some excellent pictures and descriptions.

The other morning I saw an enormous bulbous land crab of the fawn-colored translucent kind--it really might have been as much as eight inches across, the size of a small dinner plate! It scuttled across the sidewalk in front of me. It was huge...

I saw a smaller one of those guys last night also, but more dramatically, during the last bit of the run I spotted first one and then a whole crew of bright orange-legged crabs under a hedge along West Bay Road... there must have been twenty or thirty of 'em, in all different sizes!

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Wendy said...

Crabs!! A most excellent excuse for a trip to the bookstore!