Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday swim

A very solid one. Though it was punctuated with self-criticism of one kind or another, it does make me think that my skills are probably improving in incremental ways that are hard to track week by week. I was late getting started, so I did not have time to finish the workout, which should have ended with 3 x 100 (IM, back, breast) and 200 choice cooldown.

Warmup: 500 free with every 5th length stroke (I did fly drill, breast, 2 x double-arm back), 500 alternating 100 back and 100 kick no board

(I inquired, finally, as to how one might best do whip and dolphin kicks without a board--I usually just do 'em with a breaststroke pull every four kicks or so--and learned that I might try 'em on my back--dolphin I have tried that way before, it is fine only it seems like the slowest form of locomotion in the world, I think I am still not using my core muscles properly--whip is very satisfying, only makes me notice slight aches and pains in various lower-body muscles! Including where I twisted my ankle the other day while running with L.--lots of wet sticks and leaves, I was lucky to catch myself in time and not actually go smashing into the ground--but I had to walk for a minute to recover, and I could feel it this morning, though it is nothing...)

2 x 300 free on :10 rest, second 300 faster than first (I think the second came in around 5:58, that's not terrible)

3 x 100 free on 2:15 (held 1:50, that also seems to me acceptable, though I think I should really be faster than that...)

2 x 150 IM with extra lengths of back and free

2200 yards total

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