Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday gym workout

A good solid one, only I was ridiculously thirsty--I could not stop thinking about how I would drink a huge glass of water when I got home!

I couldn't run last night, because of a righteous combination of family and work obligations that slightly ate yesterday up, and though the weather today is perfect for a run, the logistics of timing and nutrition and double workouts defeated me.

(That is a fancy way of saying that I ate my lunch in the middle of the afternoon--it was insufficiently digested to run at 5 before meeting up with M. at the gym, but after I've done a full hour's workout with him I am really in no state to run 5-6 miles on top of it!)

I will skip body sculpt class tomorrow evening (hmmm, I detect a pattern!) and run instead--that will suit me better as far as a couple of early-evening office obligations go, in any case...

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