Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday gym

Solid workout with M. We did a lot of machines and on the whole took it easy because of the heat, but there were a few nicely evil exercises in there too....

JMD: Did you get that kangaroo picture I sent you?


(Makes amazed face and flexes arm and shoulder muscles...)

JMD: Pretty amazing muscles, eh?!?

M: HUGE!!!

More kangaroo-type musculature courtesy of Wendy:


Wendy said...

I'm glad M enjoyed the picture! (The big red kangaroo is very impressive.)

Lynn said...

Hmmmm...the thought just struck that I will have to find a zoo with kangaroos and ask to have one (after it dies a natural death after a long, happy life of course) so I can dissect it. I wonder if perhaps kangaroos have less myostatin than would be expected for creatures its size - myostatin deficient animals are very extremely muscle-y!