Sunday, November 23, 2008

Further sartorial postscript

It is one of the great mysteries of life why clothes and clothes shopping have always been two of my least favorite things - in my ideal world, everyone would just wear a navy-blue Orwellian boiler suit and have very short unisex hair and there would be no variety and I would not ever worry about such things - but ever since I have been running, I am at the drop of a hat ready to go to a running store and buy a new thing to wear! It does not apply to fitness-related clothing more generally, and in fact I will give the New York ladies among my readership a good tip - the fluorescent lights in the changing rooms at Paragon Sports are so awful that if you go there to try on bathing suits, it will take very great fortitude for you to ever appear naked again in front of anybody under any circumstances!


Wendy said...

Perhaps it is a subtle difference between clothes and, as my brother would say, gear!!

I confess, I like clothes, but I often despise retail changing rooms!

fbigman said...

I agree - I've had more existential crises in those changing rooms than anywhere else. I'm Fran, a friend of Gautam's from Random House (and Ann's film noir class last year) - I'm now at Cambridge doing a MPhil but am so incredibly homesick for NYC that apparently I have started blog-stalking people. Sorry. Actually I came across your blog googling Zadie Smith, who I just heard speak - she's going to be at Columbia from Jan-Sept and you have to befriend her and introduce her to me!

Dances with Corgis said...

nothing good can come out a visit to Paragon in NYC. it is always, ALWAYS disgustingly crowded, disorganized, and with discourteous staff. And I never get out of there with spending under $125. Never.