Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday swim

I did a bit of the workout, then switched over to a quiet spot elsewhere in the pool for some flip turn work with the coach (the others who were supposed to be learning were not there!), then back in the lane for the last bit of workout. Strangely hard work practicing those turns, much more tiring in a way than having a real swim - that said, I feel slightly underexercised now, but I think that I am meant to feel this way because of tapering! Will do my last 2-mile run tomorrow am, there was no sensible place to squeeze it in today...

Warmup (truncated): 150 free

First set: 12 x 50: 2 of each stroke in IM order as kick-swim by 50, then 4 x 50 free (swim) (I think we were on 1:15?)


Segued back in at 2 x 100 free on 2:00

6 x 50 free on :55

50 back easy swim down

I will count that c. 1800, I think - only 1300 proper swim, but I should get some credit for the floundering turns?!? ...


ShirleyPerly said...

I have always wondered how to count working on flip turns in one's yardage. Seems that amount of effort should count as double :-)

Wendy said...

I think if you do a swim in approach from the change in colour of lane lines, you can count 10 yards per (5 yard swim, 5 yard push off).

And yes, underexercised at this point for you is good!