Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday run and swim

As is often the case during the semester, I didn't get up early enough, and yet I still got up far too early if you count it by total rest!

I was determined to run and swim this morning - I won't be able to swim later, and I have really been missing it. Compressed morning schedule, though, meant it made more sense to run on the indoor track at the gym (my lungs are still very congested and sore, so it may have been wise in any case - it's a beautiful day outside, but brisk).


3 miles c. 9:00 pace

Swim (all at fairly easy effort level - not sure I am remembering this exactly, it was impromptu!):

Warmup: 100 free, 100 back, 100 free, 100 breast, 100 free, 100 fly drill, 100 free, 100 IM

100 back, 100 free, 100 IM, 100 free, 6 x 50 as 25 stroke 25 free (2 of each stroke), 2 x 100 reverse IM

50 easy swim down

1750 yards total

Now to caffeinate and prepare for class...


Wendy said...

Yes, I think you should baby those lungs for a bit!

Adela said...

Hope you are feeling better! (I am sorry to hear about the hurricane complications...)