Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Butterfly clinic

Hmmmm, I am hoping that I might actually have tired myself out enough to get a good night's sleep? It is unlikely, but not out of the question...

The butterfly clinic was excellent, though it brought home to me mainly that I do not really fully understand certain important elements of the stroke! These Wednesday clinics are clearly the way to go - the Saturday ones are good in their way but a much larger group (two lanes' worth of people, say 12 or 13 altogether), whereas this is one absolute top-quality coach and only five swimmers, with a lot of individual feedback on stroke.

Mentally stimulating, in any case. I cannot say exactly what we did - but we were working mostly on body dolphin and then just adding in the couple other components that you put in next - not thinking at all yet about the arms flying forward in the recovery part of the stroke, just letting arms go forward underwater and thinking of anchoring with a good catch and simultaneously breathing (I need to keep my lower back rounded and face parallel to the bottom of the pool, I have the same fatal urge to lift the head that afflicts my freestyle breathing!) and vaulting one's body forward over the anchor. He is doing another one in a couple weeks, I think that really I must do it though it is evilly early in the morning...

Hmmmm, the coach said to me right away what I knew already - I am doing much too much work with arms and legs - and really I hardly have the feel of body dolphin at all. Some pretty bread and butter kind of stuff to work on, eh?!?

Not many yards - call it 800? 200 freestyle to warm up, and then quite a few 25s of various drill-type things with feedback and pondering.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like a very nice little clinic.

Getting the hang of undulation & the rhythm of the stroke are probably the most difficult things for those learning to swim butterfly.