Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday swim

Hmmmm, not bad, but not really the swim I wanted and needed!

(I had hoped to get away this semester without paying for the morning lap swim, but I am reminded of why I have found it necessary - the lunchtime swimmers are less wayward than the evening ones, but it is still terribly crowded. There were perhaps eight or nine of us in the faster medium lane, with an awful tendency to get bunched up behind the slowest swimmer, ARGHHHH! It was relaxing for a little while - it really is sort of like not swimming at all when it is that slow and crowded! - then annoying; I switched into the slowest fast lane to do some harder hundreds of free, but really that's not right either; in the end I just got out in frustration and went away.)

9 x 100 free with fourth lap as breast (odds) or back (evens)

3 x 100 free hard

50 back, 50 free

1300 yards total

The real problem is that mental insanity is making me thoroughly crazy this week. After about 2.5 hours of internal wrestling last night I finally forced it to a draw by defeating the notion that I HAD TO RUN EIGHT MILES TODAY to make up for the run I didn't have yesterday. I then gained the upper hand over the idea that instead I should run 4 on the indoor track and swim for half an hour to have an 80-minute workout in another form. Given that I had a plan (now slightly modified - Triathlete L. and I are both overwhelmed with work & have regretfully canceled our Van Cortlandt trail notion for tomorrow afternoon) to run 6 tomorrow and 16 on Saturday (NB last long run was on Sunday, so I'm already looking at a ridiculous week of mileage), even this was simply foolhardy - I consoled myself with the notion that I would have a good long swim, but it was NOT TO BE.

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Wendy said...

There with you on the training week that fell apart!