Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday toe shoes outing

It was very good - I am sorry to say that I woke up on Friday morning with an acute right-nostril congestion situation that I swore was allergies but whose subsequent development soon informed me that it was a sinus infection. Not bad - now subsided into sort of low-level cold-type congestion, but I am trying to take it easy for recovery.

I wore the toe shoes! Which I am happy to report were scorpion-free, despite the fact that I had left them outside overnight as a sand reduction measure...

Ran 20 minutes out and 20 back; I will count it as 3.5, though it may have been closer to 4, I wasn't running that much slower than I would on pavement - the toe shoes mean that I can run on the packed sand near the water. Very sunny and hot out there, a bit too hot for me perhaps!

Then I took a dip in the pool to cool off, and it was lovely. I did do some actual swimming, though it is a bit of a conundrum how to count it - the really funny thing about this pool isn't so much the fact that one has to do a sort of dog-leg swerve in the middle as that the bridge over the slender middle bit of the dumbbell-like shape gives you the impression that you are going to whack your head on something! Turns out that breast stroke is the best suited to swimming under a low overhang...

(This picture gives you a bit of a sense of the shape! Click to enlarge.... Stroke count suggests to me that really once one does both joints, as it were, of the dog's leg, it is more than 25 yards, but I will count it as 25. I realize that the compulsion to enumerate is slightly absurd - I could just call this 60 minutes exercise and leave it at that! - but I always feel that a workout unlogged and/or unblogged is hardly a workout at all!)

2 x 100 free, 100 breast, 2 x 100 free = 500 yards total

One reason I really had to get out for an hour's exercise is that we are having the buffet dinner at Fidel's and I needed to work up a proper appetite!

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Wendy said...

Scorpion free = very good!

Suggestions for swimming in that particular pool:

-- do a stroke count freestyle & compare to your stroke count scy and this should yield an approximate distance -- this works fairly well for hotel pools as well (or you could ask Max longest dimension)
-- I found I actually could swim freestyle under the bridge but ... an alternate suggestion (swimming from straight edge to straight edge) is freestyle to bridge finishing in streamline (so leaving one arm above head and having other arm join it) kick under bridge, swim once you see daylight again!
-- that same technique will work for fly, and is also a good breaststroke drill


(I am long-winded this morning!)