Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have not timed things right to have a run today - I will sort out the running schedule properly when I am back in New York. But I have two amazing sightings to report!

First of all, we saw Stumpy twice, and the second time managed to document his health on camera. Stumpy is the northern curly-tailed lizard, distinguished by his missing limb, who used to live in the "lizard palace," a.k.a. the water-heater closet outside Brent's condo; Wendy provided an excellent portrait of Stumpy here. But Stumpy moved elsewhere after the hurricane in November - namely, to another water-heater closet one floor down! Brent tracked him down there, but I have not laid eyes upon him until today.

The sequel:

January 11, 2009, 3:30pm, in the SUV heading towards the condo parking spot:

JMD (meditatively, summing up): We saw Stumpy - twice!

Brent: And you saw sea turtles...

JMD (plaintively): But no iguanas!

Brent: What about that one?

And it was like magic - I turned my head, and there was the most enormous iguana right downstairs from Brent's place!

I have never seen an iguana right by the condo, though there are several spots they hang out locally (these are the green iguanas, not the rare indigenous blues).

It must have been three feet from tip to tail!

Fortunately the camera was still in the car from earlier Stumpy stalking - I took a few shots for the record, until the magnificent creature scuttled off. We were amazed when it reappeared right next to the garages - Brent got some amazing pictures from close up - what wattles! Click to enlarge.

All photos courtesy of Brent!


Wendy said...

"What about that one?"

It was a VERY GOOD visit for HERPS!! In fact, it was an excellent day for ectotherms!

How wonderful to see that Stumpy is in good form -- and that is a lovely iguana! (At three feet it is still youngish -- likely between 2 & 4, based on 36" STL.)

ShirleyPerly said...

Truly your lucky day! And that big one has quite a long tail. Hopefully it know not to hang around garages when cars are entering or exiting!

Look forward to seeing you guys when you're in Orlando.

Lynn said...

"wattles" is my new favorite word!

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