Thursday, January 29, 2009


V. annoyed with myself, though possibly it is for the best - I went to pilates class with all sorts of things packed into my bag for the post-swim race-downtown-to-the-theater trip (Twelfth Night) - I had the clothes I needed to change into, some lotion for dry skin (since last time I went to the theater after swimming I was practically scratching my skin off with insane dryness), a snack to eat on the train so that I would actually be able to concentrate on the play, etc. etc.

Pilates class a.k.a. "core strength" was 60% enjoyable, 15% utmost-despair-and-dislike-inducing and 25% just-plain-bad-for-morale-b/c-of-having-to-contemplate-self-in-mirror; and then I realized at the end of class, as I prepared to race downstairs to 6pm swim workout, that though I had packed all sorts of things, I had not packed my swim bag with suit, cap and goggles!


On the other hand, if I am feeling that upset in pilates class, it might be that going home and having a shower and not feeling so pressed for time is a better preamble to the rest of the evening...


Danielle in Iowa said...

I hate it when I do things like that!

Lynn said...

I have discovered that the best ways to get through yoga class include 1) sit where I can't see myself in the mirror, if it's possible and 2) take off my glasses so everything I do see is super blurry! Catching a glance of my sweaty self in tight pants in a mirror is ALWAYS a distraction!