Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday miscellany

Good list of various strength-training bloggers' favorite exercises (via Stumptuous).

I need to get back on a real strength/core program of sorts, swimming is better than running as a full-body workout but I need the other stuff too, especially if I'm doing my running all fairly slowly! Have just dropped a line to the voluntary phys. ed. program director to pester about when the spring class schedule will be up on line - I do not understand why they cannot make them up further in advance, it is helpful if I have it before the semester starts rather than when it is already underway...


(1) I am going to do some barefoot beach sprints exactly like that next time I'm at Brent's - those are the same shoes I have already!

(2) Other things I like but haven't done enough of recently: regular and inverted push-ups; dumbbell chest press and fly; jumping rope; burpees (well, like is not the word, but it is a very good exercise); pull-ups (I do not think the CU gym has an assisted pull-up machine, so I haven't done any of these since my Bodystrength membership expired - it was one of my goals to get to where I could do unassisted ones, only in fact I am far from that point still, I am sure I could do it if I made it a high priority but I have fairly high body-weight so it is not an obvious thing how I get there...)

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Becca said...

OK, you're making me feel even more sluggish than I am.