Saturday, January 24, 2009

No run today after all

Ugh, I am very sorry about this, and self-reproachful, but it seems it was not meant to be that I should do a long run this morning....

Usually I keep most of the negative stuff that goes on in my head to myself, but I suddenly feel I am perhaps giving an ill-proportioned sense of my training and my life in general when I am so unduly rosy-spectacled about everything here!

So I will just note that though I went to bed at 11 yesterday, I didn't actually fall asleep till 1:30 or so. When the alarm went off at 6:45, I felt truly awful - drank a lot of coffee and ate a long-run-type carb-heavy breakfast of cereal and toast, which only made me feel queasy - realized around 8 that I was blearily frittering away time on the internet and that I still hadn't started writing my pages of novel quota (I have a Feb. 2 deadline, which probably will be extended by one week, but I have to write about 1500 words every day without fail in order to make this happen) - dragged myself out of the apartment and over to the cafe I've been writing in every morning only to find it hadn't yet opened, because of today being Saturday - came back home, felt the only place I could write pages was BED - wrote one page and then felt I could only write with my eyes closed - wrote a sentence or two more - fell asleep - woke up still feeling rather queasy, but more capable of writing pages - stayed in bed, wrote quota of pages - clock said nearly noon by this point.


But the pages are written, that is the important thing, and I am going to make sure to have a solid lunch and dinner today, I think I did not eat a good enough dinner last night. Will just fit in a bit of a swim in the evening. Tomorrow I'll do the one-hour swim midday and then run an easy 6 in the late afternoon (I don't think the timing will work out for a run tonight), and then I will make up the long one on Wednesday - that's the first day where I have flexible enough daytime hours.

This 16-miler (the one I did not do this morning, in other words, ARGHHHH!) is one of the three crucial long runs I have scheduled for this round of marathon training, but the 18-miler is scheduled for 2/7 and the 20-miler for 2/14, so even if I leave it till Wednesday, I'll still have 10 days between the 16 and the 18, and will just hope to do steady strong mileage in between.


Wendy said...

Banish the queasiness!!!

Brent Buckner said...

FWIW, some marathon plans peak at 18 mile long runs.

And Feb. 14th for your final long run leaves a longer taper than I think you'll need - you're on relatively low mileage and not training for peak performance.

Becca said...

I'll leave the training advice for Wendy and Brent, but good for you for falling asleep, and for doing your pages.

Danielle in Iowa said...

I need to be spitting out about 500 words a day (science journal articles aren't as wordy as novels :-)) - we should have a pact or something :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I think probably everyone has missed a long run at least once in their training. Sounds like you have a good back-up plan for getting it done anyway. No worries!